Banye, an adorable 11-year-old British Shorthair who lives in Shanghai with his owner winnnie,  looks perpetually surprised thanks to a patch of dark fur strategically grown beneath his mouth.

+uwu so kyoooot;  +animals;  +kitty;  


Turtle enjoying a bath)

+ah so kyot;  +animals;  +turtle;  

+he looks so done in the 1st gif;  +me too bby me too;  +lee seojun;  +lee twins;  +return of superman;  

+i remember the days~;  +lee seojun;  +lee twins;  +return of superman;  


important things to remember

+nope;  +probs ignoring me huhubels;  +let me dwell on my heartbreak in peace pls;  

Shay: No one wants to marry me. Ashley: I want to marry you.”

+gay?;  +gay.;  +y'all cant convince me otherwise;  +shayley;  +shay mitchell;  +ashely benson;  +otp;  +???????;  +i haz no shame i kno;  


you have my attention…


you have my attention…

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+oh mY GOD;  


PGSM 30 Day Challenge
Day 3: Favorite character now (after several rewatches of course)

Minako Aino 
A lot of people don’t enjoy Minako’s personality change in PGSM, but I cannot let any version of Minako go unloved. Especially when you add a layer of angst (I’m a sucker for angst okay). I love that Minako’s just such a mess here; on one hand, she has achieved her dream, but on the other, she is so determined to put her duty first and foremost that she even forgets who she is when she’s not a senshi. Her journey into discovering what’s really important in her life is so touching and amazing that I can’t help but love her. The fact that she thinks her life outside of her duty doesn’t matter breaks my heart, and then you know what happens to her and just… let everyone love you, Minako, stop being so stubborn dammit. If for nothing else, you’ve got to love how pretty fucking badass Minako is even when untransformed, just look at those last two gifs and tell me you don’t love this femme fatale.

+let everyone love you;  +LET REI LOVE YOU JFC;  +pgsm!minako made me realize the reason i didnt like minako before was bc i didnt understand her charatcer;  +but watching pgsm!minako changed all that;  +that and rereading the manga;  +but this is my fave version of all;  +just dont mind the lack of acting skill hihi;  +aino minako;  +sailor v;  +sailor venus;  +sailor moon;  +pgsm;  

SMC Transformations II
+inner senshi;  +sm crystal;  

EuphoricCreation || Purple Liner  
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What have I done…

+tangina lungs;  +frozen;  +disney;